Brake Repair in West Islip, NY

Ensuring That You Can Stop Is The First Step In Vehicle Safety!

Your vehicle is equipped with numerous safety features, many of which have been introduced in recent years to improve driver, passengers, and even pedestrian safety. Features such as airbags, seatbelts, and technologically advanced driver warning systems are important, but the easiest way to avoid damage or injury is not to hit anything in the first place! This is where your braking system comes into play, and at Automotive Technology of West Islip, we know how important it is to make sure that any necessary brake repair is dealt with right away. Since 1996, our team has helped residents in West Islip, NY care for their brakes and braking system components by providing insight into issues such as brake wear, brake fade, mushy brakes, and other common braking problems.

How Brakes Work

In cars with traditional disc brakes, there are two pads held by a brake caliper that squeezes the brake rotor to slow the vehicle down. It forces brake fluid through lines that run from the brake pedal inside the cabin of the car to the brake caliper behind each wheel.

Wear & Tear Over Time

When you purchase a new vehicle, its braking system is in perfect condition, but with time and use, the components wear down and need to be replaced or serviced to provide safe braking ability. Brake pad replacement is the most common form of brake service, and by keeping an eye on the remaining life of your pads, you can help to avoid the replacement of other parts. If pads are worn but not replaced, they will eventually create grooves on the brake rotor, and the heat from metal on metal can cause the rotor to warp. This will make stopping difficult, which results in very unsafe driving.

Don't Forget the Fluid

Even when replacing pads regularly, it is important to check your brake fluid to make sure there is no air sitting in the lines. Air doesn’t compress the same way that brake fluid does, so this will make your brakes feel mushy when applying them. The best way to ensure that your brake system is in proper working order is to have a professional perform this routine maintenance.

Schedule Brake Repair Today!

Our team of ASE Certified technicians is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to brakes, and they can ensure that your vehicle keeps you safe out on the road so that you can stop when you need to. We guarantee all of our brake repairs with a 24-month / 24,000-mile warranty, so you can drive confidently knowing that you and your passengers are safe. If you’re in need of brake service or repair, be sure to take care of it right away. You can give us a call at (631) 321-5209, use our online scheduling service, or visit us in person at 836 Union Boulevard, and we’ll do a thorough diagnosis to determine what your car needs.