Career Opportunities in Auto Repair

How You Can Start a Career in the Automotive Industry

Whether you’re a qualified professional looking for a new business or an amateur auto enthusiast looking for a way to join the industry, learn more about two common roles in auto shops near you. Start a new career or add your relevant experience to the team at Automotive Technology in West Islip today.

Service Writers

Love working with cars and talking to people? Service writers blend these two skills to offer excellent customer service to all the guests at an auto shop. Unlike technicians, service writers primarily work with customers to explain the necessary repairs, detail costs, and work with them to create a reasonable repair plan.

Service writers still need plenty of expertise in automotive repair. These individuals must understand the inner workings of vehicles, be knowledgeable about different parts and brands, and be able to work with technicians and easily understand the necessary repairs.

Auto Technicians

Auto technicians, or mechanics, are the heart and soul of an auto shop. Without these hard-working individuals, no work would be done. A career as an auto technician puts you at the front line of auto repair. Work with your hands and the latest tools to troubleshoot issues, find damaged components, and promptly restore vehicles.

Technicians are constantly learning new skills to stay at the forefront of the industry. Not only do mechanics need to learn about new vehicles, but they also need to stay up-to-date with the latest automotive tools.

Benefits of Working in Auto Repair

For auto enthusiasts, a career in the automotive industry is a dream come true. Enjoy a career with upward mobility, competitive salaries, and the benefit of detailed knowledge of a variety of makes and models of vehicles. This industry allows you to play a part in helping your community drive safely and enjoy hassle-free automotive repairs.

See Quality Technicians in Action in West Islip

Whether you need reliable repairs or you’re looking for more information about starting a career in auto repair, give us a call at Automotive Technology of West Islip or schedule a service today. See old-fashioned service and cutting-edge technology at work first hand as we inspect your vehicle and offer unbeatable repairs by ASE-certified technicians.

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