Common Wheel Alignment Problems

Signs You Need Service

Improperly aligned wheels are a common issue that can damage your vehicle and create unsafe driving conditions. While this maintenance issue is common, it’s still important to have it fixed promptly. Explore the common signs you need a wheel alignment and enjoy affordable services in West Islip, New York.

Pulling Vehicle

Whether it’s resulting in subtle pulling or extreme shifting, misaligned wheels can pose a problem to your driving and your suspension. This sign can be caused by other issues, such as sway bar issues, but it is typically a sign of wheel alignment problems. Stop by an auto shop before this causes damage to your suspension or other areas of your vehicle. A thorough inspection can identify the correct issue with your steering and fix it before it becomes a liability.

Vibrating Steering Wheel

Sometimes misalignment issues are uneven and create wobbling, vibrating symptoms. Just like pulling, wobbling motions can affect your steering and create additional problems throughout your suspension systems. Specialized equipment can accurately adjust your wheels to reach the ideal angle and to keep them aligned in perfect balance.

Uneven Tire Wear

Check your tires for signs of wear. If you see signs of uneven wear on any tires, it could be a sign that the alignment is off. Re-aligning your wheels prevents uneven wear and extends the lifetime of your tires. Don’t invest in new tires before it’s time, but choose an affordable alignment service as preventative maintenance.

Because your tires are designed to travel at a specific angle, an unusual angle can cause uneven wear. Extreme alignment issues cause the edges of the tire to touch that aren’t designed to receive that much weight, or it can simply reduce the surface area that is handling the full weight of your vehicle. Either way, alignment issues typically result in worn-out tires.

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Enjoy affordable maintenance in West Islip, New York at Automotive Technology of West Islip. Schedule a service today to find out how our high-tech equipment and old-fashioned customer service can keep your vehicle driving safely and comfortably. Don’t let a minor issue create major expenses down the road, but invest in quality preventative maintenance and keep your vehicle tuned up and ready for the road.

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