Emissions Testing in West Islip, NY

Required Testing For Cleaner Air And More Efficient Driving

Automotive Technology of West Islip is registered and licensed to provide inspection services in the form of emissions testing and state safety inspections. To renew your vehicle’s registration each year, you need to have your vehicle inspected to make sure that the emissions meet the requirements of the 1990 Federal Clean Air Act.

Due to the standards of the test as well as the components that are reviewed, vehicles that pass the emissions testing are more efficient with the use of their fuel, cost the owner less to run, and emit less harmful emissions into the atmosphere. These tests apply to vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating that is under 8,501 pounds and that are newer than 1996 for gasoline engines, or 1997 with diesel engines. Vehicles that do not pass the emissions testing are more harmful to the environment and are not able to be renewed for registration, which can lead to expensive fines or tickets.

What We Do

To complete an emissions test, our ASE Certified and New York State licensed technicians will test the catalytic converter, exhaust gas recirculation valve, positive crankcase ventilation system, air injection system, evaporative emissions control, fuel inlet restrictor, and thermostatic air cleaner to ensure that the requirements are being met. Completing routine service and maintenance on your vehicle can help to ensure that each of these components is performing correctly, and any issues are addressed before the annual test. This way, there are no surprises when time is of the essence.


Catching potential problems early can also save you money on repair costs, so it’s important to stay up to date on the little things before they become bigger issues. Because your vehicle has so many moving parts, it may not be obvious when something is wrong that can lead to emissions test failure. If your car is ‘running rich,’ for example, it means that there is too much fuel and not enough oxygen entering the cylinders during combustion. This creates more pollution and may go unnoticed unless a technician reviews it during service. If your air injection system fails, it will be unable to push fresh air into the exhaust, and your car will produce a reading of high carbon monoxide levels that won’t pass the New York State requirements. Other components that are leaking can also be problematic and generate a fail during the testing.

To ensure that you can pass the annual emissions testing, contact us at (631) 321-5209, use our online scheduling system, or bring your car by our location at 836 Union Boulevard and we can help address any potential issues with your vehicle’s emissions.