Vehicle Diagnostics in West Islip, NY

A Quick Way To Determine Problems With Your Vehicle

Your car is a complex machine with a lot of moving parts and systems that keep everything running smoothly. The more that technology advances, the more features we see implemented into modern vehicles. But even the basic vehicle systems that simply make the car move and operate have the technology to assist them, and we’re able to use that technology to pinpoint issues that arise within those systems. At Automotive Technology of West Islip, we are equipped with the latest in automotive technology to quickly and accurately diagnose potential problems with your vehicle’s main systems and provide solutions to resolve them.

Engine Control Unit

Your car was built with various sensors that monitor different components of its complex systems. These sensors are programmed to detect any abnormalities and report them as errors to the engine control unit (ECU). Your ECU stores these errors in the form of codes that can then be read and deciphered by an experienced technician. When performing a vehicle diagnostics review at our shop in West Islip, New York, our ASE Certified technicians will use specialized equipment to connect to your car’s ECU and pull the error codes to see what’s going on. This is much faster, easier, and less expensive than completing a manual review of all of the vehicle’s many components. The error codes will tell our technicians where the problem is, and which components are affected by it. This allows us to resolve issues before they become bigger and keep you on the road for longer periods of time.

Warning Light Causes

While diagnostic scanners can be purchased at many automotive retail stores and used by car owners, having a professional and certified technician complete the diagnostic review is the best way to ensure that nothing is missed or ignored. Our technicians have extensive knowledge about all vehicle makes and models, and that experience provides them with detailed insight into an assortment of problems that may be concealed under one error code. If your check engine light is on, for example, it could mean anything from a failed oxygen or emissions sensor to a misfiring cylinder. Our technicians are able to use their experience and training to check related components to determine the exact part that is causing problems in a very short timeframe and then complete the repair quickly to get you moving again faster. If you notice any illuminated symbols on your instrument panel or dashboard, you can book in for a vehicle diagnostics review, and we’ll find out the reason behind it. You can call us directly at (631) 321-5209, use our online scheduling system to book an appointment, or stop by our location at 836 Union Boulevard, and we’ll be happy to assist you.