What Is an Emissions Test?

A Beginner’s Guide

Many states, including New York, require most residents and vehicles to undergo an emissions test. These tests can vary, but are all designed to keep your vehicle and your environment safe. Learn more about how to pass a test and why it’s important to have your vehicle properly tested.

Why Is It Important?

New York requires emissions testing every 12 months. This ensures vehicles have safe emissions and aren’t leaking harmful contaminants into the air. Without a test, you may not be aware of the risks your vehicle poses to the environment and to your health.

Some vehicles aren’t required to take the test, but it’s still a good idea to have your emissions system checked. Every gasoline and diesel engine emits harmful emissions without an efficient exhaust system, so perform your own test to see if you’re doing your part in reducing emissions.

What’s Involved in a Test?

Emissions testing typically includes a visual inspection and a connection to your vehicle’s engine control unit. These two steps ensure that all your necessary components are working properly and your vehicle’s electrical system hasn’t indicated any issues. Here are common parts that are checked during a test:

  • Catalytic converter
  • Air injection system
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valve
  • Evaporative emissions control

Will I Pass a New York Emissions Test?

Some drivers have damaged components and aren’t aware of it, while others use aftermarket parts and remove these systems. All of these components are required for safe driving, so you won’t pass your test if there’s an issue with one or more of these components.

Thankfully, a quick stop to your local auto shop can help you pass your test. A local shop is knowledgeable about testing in your county. Ask a qualified mechanic to inspect your vehicle to look for any damage that may cause you to fail your test.

Receive a Thorough Inspection Today

Schedule a service in West Islip, New York at Automotive Technology to learn more about your vehicle’s emissions system. We believe in old-fashioned service with the latest technology. Our team is confident we can resolve any issues with a failed emissions test or help you prepare for an upcoming test. Don’t let a minor issue cause you to fail your next test, but enjoy preventative maintenance and warrantied repairs today.

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