Winterizing Your Car? Don’t Bother!

Many car owners are under the impression that it’s critical to their safety during winter months to winterize their vehicles. Years ago, that may have been the case, but today’s cars are designed for all types of weather. Unless you live in Alaska, winterizing your car is not only a waste of time – it’s

Do You Need One of These?

Anyone who’s purchased a big-ticket item has likely been subjected to the extended warranty sales pitch. Salespeople get rabid when selling this add-on feature that “protects” consumers in case anything goes wrong with the purchase after the sale. The reality is that sales reps are compensated on this add-on item. Sure, sometimes an extended warranty

Signs You Need Brake Repair

Don’t Risk It If your brakes don’t work very well, you put yourself and others at risk every time you drive in West Islip, New York. It’s essential to schedule brake repair services at the first sign of brake issues. If you’re not sure how to tell whether your brakes need repairs or not, here

Common Wheel Alignment Problems

Signs You Need Service Improperly aligned wheels are a common issue that can damage your vehicle and create unsafe driving conditions. While this maintenance issue is common, it’s still important to have it fixed promptly. Explore the common signs you need a wheel alignment and enjoy affordable services in West Islip, New York. Pulling Vehicle

Career Opportunities in Auto Repair

How You Can Start a Career in the Automotive Industry Whether you’re a qualified professional looking for a new business or an amateur auto enthusiast looking for a way to join the industry, learn more about two common roles in auto shops near you. Start a new career or add your relevant experience to the

What Is an Emissions Test?

A Beginner’s Guide Many states, including New York, require most residents and vehicles to undergo an emissions test. These tests can vary, but are all designed to keep your vehicle and your environment safe. Learn more about how to pass a test and why it’s important to have your vehicle properly tested. Why Is It

Preventative Car Maintenance: What to Check and When

Preventative maintenance is the best thing that you can do for your vehicle. Following a regular maintenance schedule will help keep your car running at its best, and will save you a bit of money down the road. The Car Care Council has developed a car care schedule for the regular maintenance of most cars,

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Travel

Finding yourself stranded on the side of the road in the middle of a snowstorm is frustrating and potentially life threatening. For this reason, it’s worth spending an extra hour or two preparing your vehicle for winter. Here are some tips on how to winterize your vehicle before you hit the road in inclement weather: Get

The NHTSA Reminds Drivers This Holiday Season: Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving

The holiday season is among us. As we prepare for festivities with family and friends, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to remind all drivers that it’s dangerous to drive after drinking. You have to choose your role before drinking begins: will you drink or will you drive? Remember, even if you only

October is Fall Car Care Month

A proactive approach to preventative maintenance would be to get your vehicle ready for harsh winter temperatures while the weather is still mild this fall. This will help ensure your vehicles safety and reliability this winter, preventing unexpected repairs. The Car Care Council, recommends these 10 basic maintenance procedures during Fall Car Care Month to