Check Engine Light in West Islip, NY

A Small Light Could Mean Big Problems -- Automotive Technology of West Islip

Believe it or not, your vehicle doesn’t intend to cause problems or break down — really! Sometimes our cars give us trouble, and there seems to be no valid reason, but in fact, our cars are built with various internal systems that let us know when something is irregular and needs to be checked out. One of these built-in warning indicators is your check engine light. This light illuminates on your instrument panel whenever the car senses that something isn’t right. In many vehicles, it could simply mean that the fuel cap isn’t secured, but it can also indicate more major issues such as a cylinder misfiring or the failure of a crucial system component.

Diagnostics Tools

Aside from an illuminated symbol on your dash, there is another action that occurs behind the scenes. To determine exactly what is causing the error, technicians will hook up a special diagnostics tool that will read error codes stored by the car’s computer at the time an incident occurs. These codes tell experienced technicians where to look for problems or malfunctions in order to pinpoint the exact issue. At Automotive Technology of West Islip, we use the latest in diagnostic technology to detect and read these codes quickly and accurately so that we can determine the best course of action for repair.

Sometimes codes can be read easily by using a small diagnostics tool purchased at a local car parts store and done at home, but a lack of training and lengthy experience can also lead to misdiagnosed problems that can end up causing further issues or even breakdowns later on down the road. In any case, it’s important to have a professional deal with an illuminated check engine light quickly, as the nature of the error can often go unknown otherwise. While some malfunctions are obvious in the case of poor performance, strange noises, or billowing smoke, others may be more silent killers that can compromise your car’s reliability and overall safety. Worse yet, malfunctioning systems left unattended can cause further damage and end up costing significantly more to resolve.

We Can Help

In an effort to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently while increasing its lifespan, let the team at Automotive Technology of West Islip know if your check engine light turns on, or if you suspect that any major problems are forming. Sometimes additional lights will turn on, such as your oil pressure or battery indicator, so in many cases, it is recommended that you safely pull your vehicle over and turn off the ignition. If this happens, we’re always happy to chat with you at (631) 321-5209 and provide towing services, or you’re more than welcome to bring your vehicle right to our shop at 836 Union Boulevard if it seems to be driving alright and we’ll complete a full diagnostic review. If service is required, we’ll guarantee our work with a 24-month / 24,000-mile warranty for peace of mind.