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Alignment Affects More Than Just Wheels -- Automotive Technology of West Islip

Your vehicle has four wheels and four tires that allow it to balance and move around. It sounds pretty simple on the outside, but your wheels need to be aligned properly to provide the performance intended by the manufacturer. At Automotive Technology of West Islip, we specialize in wheel alignment, and our expert team of ASE Certified technicians has the extensive knowledge and training required to keep your wheels spinning the way that they should. We’ve outfitted our shop with a state of the art wheel alignment machine that finely tunes the way that your wheels turn.

Any time you install new tires on your vehicle, you should be sure to book a wheel alignment. Many tire manufacturers actually require an alignment to satisfy the requirements of their warranty, too. If you’ve hit a large bump or pothole, it can throw your wheels out of alignment quickly, and you may notice a difference when driving. Wheels that are not aligned properly can lead to a host of problems that can end up costing you money and frustration.

Why You Need An Alignment

Many people are aware that wheels that are out of alignment can cause tires to wear quickly, but problems with the vehicle’s handling can arise as well. If wheels are not aligned properly, an unnecessary strain is placed on them because your car expects them to operate differently. This can lead to issues with road safety and cause your car to pull to one side or the other, which can be dangerous depending on weather and driving conditions. Often this can be identified by a steering wheel that must be slightly turned in order to drive the car in a straight line, but it isn’t always the case.

Alignment issues can easily go unnoticed and unresolved and require the need for more expensive repairs to the suspension system. To get the best fuel economy, your vehicle needs the ability to move with the least amount of resistance as possible. If the car is pulling to one side or the wheels are slipping due to poor alignment, a decrease in fuel efficiency will be the result.

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To make sure that you don’t encounter these problems, our team of expert ASE Certified technicians in West Islip, New York, uses our advanced alignment machine to detect any problems with your wheels and make the necessary corrections to keep you safe and driving efficiently. Feel free to give us a call at (631) 321-5209 to book an appointment, use our online scheduling system, or bring your car right to us at 836 Union Boulevard and we can provide the services you need. Our services are all backed by a 24-month / 24,000-mile warranty to give you peace of mind.